$5 for the SECRET patterns of Action movies

I recently took a screenwriting workshop with these guys and was blown away. I learnt more in 3 hours than in a 6 month course I took a while back. My friend Donna Trousdale who is a brilliant screenwriter attended the class too and she said the same.

These guys have another short workshop this Sunday in Hollywood. It's for action scripts and only $5. Unbelievable deal. I will be there.

Here is all the info you need:

We're so grateful to the Film Production Workshop for making it possible
for us to practically GIVE this away!

We're going to give you one of our best, most helpful lectures: "The Secret
Patterns of Action Movies."

PLUS we'll take your loglines and help you shape them -- all for 5 smackers.

Here are the deets:

Register here -


Sunday, October 27, 2013
11:00 AM - 2 PM

Neon Venus Art Theatre
7023 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA (map)

Price: $5.00/per person

If you can't make it, we'll be there every Sunday giving you AWESOME
information.  Shoot us an email and let us know which topics you want most!

See you there!

Peter and Cecilia Russell