Instagram snapshots of Juicy Affairs set

The whole fruit cast - Mr. Blueberry (Douglas Harvey), Ms. Raspberry (Nicole Nelson), Ms. Strawberry (Katy Davis), Mr. Orange (Christopher May), Mr. Banana (Tom Christensen)

We just completed a fantastic shoot for Juicy Affairs. The shoot couldn't have been sillier and funnier. I feel blessed that I get to do what I do for work!

Thank you to my amazing team, the seriously talented cast and everyone who helped make our shoot amazing! I have so much appreciation for all of it's off to the editing table! - Chris Cuilla, Christopher May, Douglas Harvey, Katy Davis, Nicole Neslon, Tom Christensen, Bill Kennedy, Jullian Yuki, Robbie Kirkoff, Kristina M. Schulte-Eversum, Johnathan Henry, James Boyer, Nathan Van Hala, Ambre Wrigley, Andrea Mendoza, Jennifer Thrasher, Elyse Ares, Annette Acuna, Andrea Jimenez, Janean Jeffries, Donna Trousdale, Adam Whittington, Madison Couch, Josh Rafofsky, Eric Wolfson, John Vitale, Ryan Jesena, Moira Ariom, Lance Casey, Sam Barnette, Michael Mena! 

Tom Christensen is transformed into Mr Banana by our costume designer Ambre Wrigley

Late nights in the parking lot of the motel

Mrs Strawberry (Katy Davis) and Mr Orange (Christopher May)!

Mrs Strawberry (Katy Davis) putting a whole another spin on turtle strawberry action 

Our amazing DP Kristina M. Schulte-Eversum and Mrs Strawberry (Katy Davis) and Mr Orange (Christopher May) and myself!