What an amazing way to think outside the box!

I'm currently taking a book shop class in advertising for copy writing and art direction to further my skills and even better understand how commercials are created. It's been a great and very rewarding experience. It's also pushing my boundaries as I have to learn to concept not for interactive and TV but for print and billboards, which is a new media for me. This week we are working on Outdoor Ads and in my research I found this amazing outdoor ad which I want to share. 


Gold Lion: Camp Nectar Juice

This company grew fruit in the shape of fruit boxes by using special molds in the growing process. The fruit was stamped with the brand logo, outfitted with straws and put in supermarkets as promotional items.

—Agency: AGE Isobar, São Paulo, Brazil


Make sure to watch the video which is the making of. It's fascinating to see how they accomplished this: