Sundance Recap

Sundance Recap! Much overdue!

My writing partner Katie and I got back from our 10 day Sundance journey on Sunday. 10 days is a long time, I felt like I moved to Park City after 5 of them. But it was well worth the time. We met so many wonderful people, made new friends and hung out with old ones! Spent one day on the slopes. Saw amazing movies. My favorites were I Origin and Wetlands - call me when you have seen it, so we can have a conversation about it 

The timing couldn't have been better for Sundance to bring us up, since it was on the heels of finishing our feature screenplay (can't release the name yet hush hush) for some wonderful actors (who most of you will know very well hush hush). 

Sundance thank you for an amazing first serendipitous and perfect. I feel like so much magic is follow from this!!! 

PS: Didn't have much time to take photos...but here are a couple