I leave you all with a wonderful article I just read on playboy.com about Martin Brest, his work and his disappearance from the public. What a genius, perfectionist and artist. 

"Making a film that lives up to one’s high standard of perfection ain’t easy. Protecting it with every bit of strength, from start to finish, is even harder."

This is how Matt Patches ends the article and I couldn't agree more with this. I am so grateful to the filmmakers who follow this credo, and gift us masterpieces. It is also very understandable for an artist to burn out and bow out after defeat after defeat, like Brest did. I hope that all you artist out there continue to persevere and take this new year to charge forward with even more force and passion. I will!

The article left me wanting to rewatch all of Brest's stellar films, expect for Gigli maybe, which I still have not seen to this day. It was interesting to read that Brest didn't approve the final cut of the film, which was released. It would be so interesting to see the version he had in mind. I can only imagine that it must have been fantastic.

I sure hope the rumors are correct and Brest will have a comeback, maybe even next year!