"The right actors win Oscars, but for the wrong roles," Katherine Hepburn

"The right actors win Oscars, but for the wrong roles," Katherine Hepburn once said.

How true is that?! So often the Oscars nominations and sometimes wins seem to be given to actors, who are overdue for an award, but the role and performance they are nominated for are often only mediocre compared to their other performances.


The list of actors, who fall into this category, is endless. From Elizabeth Taylor, who was snubbed for many stronger performances until she received one for Butterfield, to Judy Dench, who received an Oscar for her minute performance. She had humor about it:

"Um," she said, "I feel, for eight minutes on the screen, I should only get a little bit of him."


This year Robert Duvall received a nomination for The Judge when his performance was most clearly not his strongest. But that said, Robert Duvall as an actor clearly deserves an Oscar.

Still it does not seem like a fair approach, but we know that the Oscars, like many other award shows, are highly political.   

But Robert Duvall receiving a nomination, when maybe not fair, is not half as disappointing as Ava DuVernay not receiving an Oscar nomination. 

But just like real politics in this country, what are you going to do.  


Neda Ulaby wrote a great article about this, much more detailed than mine: