If none of the others, take #2 of John August's How to Write a Scene to heart!

It might seem hard to cut scenes from your script- they are your babies, I get it - but it is the best thing you can do. Be brutal and kill any scenes your script will still work without!!! Do the same for any superfluous characters (#3) - kill them off!

If it at first is a hurtful process, I promises you it will become a process, which will leave you feeling empowered and you might even enjoy it, because you will know that you your script will be able to shine through the clutter! 

Screenplay Writing Lesson #6: Learn Scene Structure

Just as screenplay writing requires understanding screenplay structure, writing any scene requires understanding scene structure.

John August (Go, Big Fish, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) has created a simple one-sheet for scene writing.

Do you follow this process when writing scenes?

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