This is probably one of my favorite! It will make your smile, because it is so spot on! But come on, let's be honest, we all love ourselves a good cliché; there is a certain pleasure to scream at the screen "Don't go in there!" because we know what will happen next. But I do have to agree, if I see a film that breaks the clichés, not for the sake of breaking it, but for the sake of the story, then I really look up and remember!

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Screenplay Writing Lesson #7: Honor The Tropes Of The Genre

Yes, the idea behind this infographic is that screenplays are full of cliches, tropes, and events that have become so common that they are laughable.

However, the truth is that these cliches became cliches for good reasons.

See if your script contains any of these cliches, and then think about how you might tweak them so you’ve got “the same thing, only different.”

Original source:  Cheezburger

Original source: Cheezburger

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