Screenplay Writing Explained In 7 Infographics - Part 2

No one can argue with Joseph Campbell! Even before I wrote screenplays and studied English Literature I already was told to read him. And I did, so should you, if you haven't yet! Go pick up A Hero's Journey and A Hero with a Thousand Faces !

Screenplay Writing Lesson #2: Use Mythical Structure

via AFM By Stephanie Palmer

When it comes to screenplay writing, structure is what separates the professionals from everyone else.

As you may know, the basis for screenplay structure is mythology.

Comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell researched and wrote a ground-breaking book called Hero Of A Thousand Faces. By comparing the myths from different cultures all around the world, Campbell discovered that all stories share a similar structure.

He calls his composite master story structure, the “monomyth.”

Does your story hit these beats?

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