So cool, just found out that Sundance actually does a screenwriting lab in Istanbul. That is so cool! See all the information below and pass it along to anyone you think would fit the requirements :)

The !f Istanbul - Sundance Screenwriters Lab has announced five projects chosen for its 2015 Lab, to be held in Istanbul in May. Now in its fifth year, the Lab includes two Greek projects alongside three Turkish projects.


Dates: May 7-12, 2015

Size of Lab: 4-6 Projects

Location: Istanbul

Eligibility: Independent Screenwriters from Turkey and Greece working on their first or second feature screenplay.

Description: Now in its fifth year, the !F-Sundance Screenwriters Lab has evolved to include three Turkish screenwriting fellows joined by two fellows from Greece. In recent years, we’ve seen bold and compelling filmmaking from both countries, and in the years ahead, we hope to encourage a convergence of creative dialogue between these two neighboring independent film communities.


Projects and directors accepted to Sundance Screenwriters Lab in past two years:


Barış Sarhan / Cemil Şov (Cemil Show)

Ceyda Aşar / Küçük bir Hata (A Small Mistake)

Ülkü Oktay / Kendi Aramızda (A History of Women)

Rinio Dragassaki / Cosmic Candy

Alexandros Chantzis / What a Silly Boy



Mehmet Can Mertoğlu / The Cliff Shore

Şirin Güven & Aysim Türkmen / Ruin

Underground Emine Dursun, Hakan Günday & Hande Güzide Türkel / Derda

Ceylan Özgün Özçelik / Based on a True Nightmare


- Howard Rodman

- Naomi Foner

- Katherine Dieckmann

- Ümit Unal



Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan / The Blue Wave

Deniz Gamze Ergüven / Kings 

Erol Mintaş / My Mother's Song

Senem Tüzen / Motherland



Zeynel Doğan, Orhan Eskiköy / My Father's Voice

Melisa Önel / Seaburners

Nesimi Yetik / Spirit of Dust

Aslı Özge / Woman and Man