News news and more news about Fool VR!!!

Dear Current and Future Supporters of our awesome Indiegogo Campaign,

Pull up a chair and get comfy because, wow, do we have a lot to report!

First off — some great coverage for our campaign came out this past week in The Deli MagazineOurStage, and Music Box Pete.  "Falling Out of Love" made its radio debut last night on Boston Emissions.  

Of course if you're a current backer, you already had heard about it as part of our last update. Being special is fun, right? (Spoiler alert: it is!)

Secondly: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! <Clears throat> Today is a very special day. It's Jen de la Osa's birthday! To celebrate, we've released a new perk: 

Devil May Karaoke

If you are already a fan, how many times have you seen Aloud perform live and said to yourself, "What? That doesn't look so hard. I can do that. And better." Or if you have never heard of Aloud, how many times have you said the same about another band. Well, at long last, it's your time to shine. Aloud Karaoke includes 10 videos (in digital format) to sing along to, complete with lyrics and awe-inspiring vistas. Includes everything from FOOL FOR VR perk. Now you can be the rockstar you always knew you are!

Lastly, May 5th. Cinco de Mayo.  What're you up to? Those of you lucky enough to be in Boston should make your way to the Verb Hotel that night to see Aloud headline a show and VR event.  We'll be giving away a Samsung Gear Headset during the show, too. Feeling lucky? Or maybe feeling unlucky but realizing luck is unimportant when it comes to the sweet sounds of rock & roll? Either way, hope to see you on Friday!

Thanks for your continued support of this project. We've got even more stuff for you on the way. In the meantime, let's make sure Jen has an amazing birthday by telling the world about the exciting new project she's part of! And for those who haven't yet join us in revolutionizing the music video experience, back @Fool_VR on Indiegogo today! 


Until next time!