VR the New Frontier of Sundance - Your Virtual Reality Event Guide to Sundance

Sundance starts today and this year is even more exciting then past ones, at least for myself, because there are more VR project than ever being show at New Frontier. VR has become the main focus of New Frontier and I like it. It reflects that VR has not only solidified  itself as a tested medium, but it also shows that it is not going anywhere. This year is very excited for those of us who are working in VR, because of the technology available and the many big players in the industry jumping on board to facilitate and fund new work, but also because this year is the year to push it out to the broader audience with it finally being easily accessible.

I predict that by 2017 there won't be many in America, who will ask: "What is VR?"

Below is a guide to all VR related events and screening at Sundance.

See you in the Virtual Reality of Sundance!

Your Virtual Reality Event Guide to Sundance

via vrscout.com by Jonathan Nafarrete

2016 Sundance Film Festival kicks of this week and it won’t be without virtual reality.

Beyond the 120 plus feature-length films present at this year’s festival, the much anticipated New Frontier program will put on its largest showing to date. New Frontier is celebrating its 10th year in action and is expected to exhibit some 30 VR experiences, 11 installations, three feature films and one performance.

Last year, attendees were delighted with a few virtual reality experiences that were the talk of the festival. Now with VR creators charging full steam ahead, the 10,000-square-foot exhibition will be dominated with immersive experiences. In addition to New Frontier VR experiences and Gear VR demos setup throughout the rest of the festival, VR panels and parties will be the place to be in-between screenings.

From an Oculus party with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an exclusive Jurassic World VR footage reception, Lena Dunham’s latest VR film screening, hosted bars from some of our favorite VR companies and a ton of VR industry panels, there is no shortage of events to pop your head in.

New Frontier VR Exhibit at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

New Frontier VR Exhibit at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

So if you are out at Sundance this year stop on by and be sure to say hi.


Friday 1/22 

3:00pm – Funny or Die: The Future of Comedy in VR (Samsung Studio)

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Oculus Story Studio (Gateway)

9:00pm – New Frontier Premiere Party (573 Main St.)

Saturday 1/23 

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel: Hacking Your Senses (Gateway)

3:00pm – YouTube and the Rise of Virtual Reality (Gateway)

5:00pm – Comcast-NBCUniversal Reception (Photage Film Lounge) – Exclusive VR Footage Jurassic World

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Google (Gateway)

Sunday 1/24

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel: Future of Screens (Gateway)

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Nokia OZO (Gateway)

6:00pm – Sex, Politics & Film Reception (The Spur, 352 Main St) – Lena Dunham VR Film Premiere

Monday 1/25

8:30am – #‎Artist Services Workshop (High West)

9:30am – MadWomenVR Hosted By Q Department, Mach1 and Virtual Reality Company (Invite Only)

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel: Immersive Journalism (Gateway)

2:00pm – Actors in VR Panel (Sundance Studio Lounge: Park City Sudios, 4001 Kearns Blvd)

2:00pm – Power of Story Viewing Party #1 (Festival Basecamp)

2:30pm – Power of Story: Evolution of Storytelling (Egyptian Theater)

5:30pm – New Frontier Alumni Social Hosted by Jaunt VR (Gateway)

6:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Jaunt VR (Gateway)

Tuesday 1/26 

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel: im360 (Gateway)

3:00pm – Google Panel (Gateway)

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Annapurna/VRSE (Gateway)

6:00pm – Oculus Event (Invite Only)  – Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt on VR Filmmaking

Wednesday 1/27

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel (Gateway)

3:00pm – Technicolor Panel (Gateway)

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Fox Innovation lab (Gateway)

Thursday 1/28

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel (Gateway)

3:00pm – Dolby Panel (Gateway)

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar hosted by Fox Innovation lab (Gateway)

Friday 1/29

12:00pm – New Frontier Panel: Adapting Genres to Virtual Reality (Gateway)

3:00pm – Nokia OZO Panel (Gateway)

5:30pm – New Frontier VR Bar (Gateway)

Saturday 1/30

12:00pm  – New Frontier VR Bar (Gateway)

New Frontier will run from 21 to 31 January 2016, across the Claim Jumper (573 Main St, Park City), The Gateway (136 Heber Ave at Swede Alley) and the Canada Goose Festival Base Camp.