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Screenplay Writing Explained In 7 Infographics - Part 1

I love the 7 Infographics, which  Stephanie Palmer put together for the AFM website. Sometimes pictures do really speak louder than words. However, to me it was too much to put 7 of these infographics in one article, so I will break them up and post 1 a day for the next 7 days!

"Look At The Big Picture" is great at dismantling some assumption we have of what is really popular.

I did not expect to see that Action and Sci-Fi screenplays to get a pass more often than others, since I judged this from what I see selling at the box offices. But of course it confirmed Horror is the big seller! Horror can be made for next to nothing since fans do not expect high-end productions or big talent; it will sell well regardless of what it looks like or who is attached. Both Action and Sci-Fi are extremely expensive to produce. I do wish Black Comedy would not have almost landed last, but it is very rare that that kind of film makes any real money. Sadly!

The infographic also portrays the still huge discrepancy between gender for characters in stories and for employment numbers in the industry. It is still outrageous and so sad!

Also Turkey, which is the location of my last screenplay, was not even on there! I guess that makes me a forerunner!

Go ahead and look what you will find! Enjoy!

Screenplay Writing Lesson #1: Look At The Big Picture

via AFM By Stephanie Palmer

When you get serious about screenplay writing, you’ll realize that at some point, your script is likely to end up in the hands of a script reader.

This infographic is the work of an anonymous professional reader who read 300 screenplays from five studios and compiled the issues.

While this isn’t the same as rigorous scientific data, I find it interesting and is congruent with my experience reading countless scripts submitted to studios.

Where is your project original and where does it meet conventional expectations?

Original source:   Imgur

Original source: Imgur

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