FREE Download: 2017 Oscar Best Screenplay Contenders

Alex is right, the best way to learn to write is to read and read lots and lots of excellent screenplays. So here again like last year are the 2017 Oscar Best Screenplay contenders. Happy reading and a Happy New Year!

Screenplays: Download 2017 Oscar Contenders Moonlight, Hail, Caesar!, Captain Fantastic and More

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UPDATED DEC 2016: If you want to be a screenwriter you need to read a lot of screenplays. And if you are going to read film scripts might as well read some of this year’s best. Below is an active running list of 2017 Oscar Contending Screenplays. I’ll be adding new screenplays as they become available.

PLEASE NOTE: These screenplays are FREE and LEGAL to download for educational purposes. The studios will only keep them online throughout the awards season so the clock is ticking. Enjoy. 

2017 Oscar Contending Screenplays

For Your Consideration: This year's Oscar Hopefuls' scripts

LA is starting to buzz with Oscar predictions! Well, actually the buzz is a little lukewarm, because this year there hasn't been one movie yet that appear as a sure winner. There have been great films like Boyhood, The Imitation Game or Gone Girl, but it's not like last year. There are still a couple of movies, which are yet to air. So we will shall see.

Also since there is no clear winner, a film like The Grand Budapest Hotel will get nominate and might take something home. We all know, Wes and his movies are more unlikely candidates for the Oscars. I am very happy about this, because I adore Wes Anderson's work and this is my favorite of his films to date. 

What I am most disappointing with this year, is that it's very slim picking for the Best Actress category. And it is not because of a lack of stellar performances, no, it is because of the lack of great female parts. Come on Hollywood, with all the talk this year about the lack of strong female acting roles, let's make sure that we move forward in a more balanced way. It's not like we haven't done it before! Right now it seems like Reese is the only real contender with her role in Wild.

So here for your consideration, I have collected the so far released Oscar Hopefuls' screenplays. Download them below by clicking on the image or following the link. Sadly, The Imitation Game screenplay has not been released yet. As soon as I find it, I will post it. 

You can now read to your heart's content until the award show roles around.