We all love Pixar and can agree that they have created some of the best stories with amazing characters. Below is their formula. Yes, you heard right they work off a formula! 

One of my favorite is #4:

Once upon a time there was _________.

Every day, _________. (Until) one day _________.

Because of that, _________. Because of that, _________.

Until finally _________.

Try it for your screenplay! If your story is solid, you will have no difficulty to pluck in the blanks.

Screenplay Writing Lesson #5: Use Pixar’s Process

The most successful movie-making entity right now is Pixar.

Just about every movie they make is a hit.

The inside scoop on Pixar’s development process was dished by Emma Coats, a director and former storyboard artist at Pixar who created a now-famous list of 22 Rules For Phenomenal Storytelling. Dino Ignacio, a UX Director created a series of image macros of the 22 rules using images from Pixar movies.

How many of these rules did you use when constructing your script?

Original source:  Imgur

Original source: Imgur

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