I wanted to post these two because I think they are great and also because I am a smart-ass! 

Trust me I have fallen in the trap of the Portrait of an Aspiring Screenwriter myself! I think the only way to break out of it, is when you are forced to write for money and with practice. But that said, I still have days were I live the cliché fully! Since I live in NYC it's not Intelligentsia for myself, but I got my Williamsburg favorites.

The Story Coaster is just a fun and smart depiction of screenwriting and its terminology.  

Hope you are all having a great weekend... writing of course! 

Ketchup’s Got a New Mustard

The mustard war is on with the relaunch of Heinz's yellow mustard and Heinz selling it for the first time in grocery stores across America. Heinz has made it clear that they are going to give French's a run for their money with its new awesomely funny campaign Ketchup’s Got a New Mustard #‎KetchupsNewMustard‬.

I shot stills for the new campaign a couple of weeks ago. It was a blast to work with these great actors in those fantastic costumes and the super cool agency David Miami. We were under tight wraps until the campaign launched, but now I am allowed to post the images from the shoot (post was done by the agency David Miami). My favorite is the one below:

We shot the still campaign on a green cyc and after the wrap our producer and some of the core team, including myself, couldn't resist putting on the costumes ourselves and finishing the day with a little happy dance:

I also want to show some love for the fantastic advertising spots. This one below is my favorite, but you should watch them all: