I was selected for their 4-day Summer Intensive. Today is day 1. It is super informative and very supportive. They are really amazing. Not only because they supply professional development, but also because they give an amazing amount of money to fund the arts including film and VR. Sadly, their applications are currently closed until 2018, but just makes sure to be ready then to apply! In the meantime do some of their workshops. 

List of Grants for Women Filmmakers & Screenwriters

I was just made aware of this great platform called Hollywomen by Rachel Goldberg. What a great resource of information for female filmmakers. But what I love most is that they have pulled together a list of all the Grants and Funding available for female filmmakers and screenwriters. 

Go to their website to find them all: http://hollywomen.com/grants/

From pre-production to filming and post, discover our detailed list of active grants for women filmmakers.
Click on the name to discover the terms of the grant and apply, sort through criteria or search a specific query.

Hollywomen.com is a new platform exploring the legacy, chronicling the present and anticipating the future of women and diversity in the film industry.

It offers news, interviews, profiles, spotlights, historical perspectives & research, resources and dedicated tools for & about filmmakers.