AFI FEST gets into VR with STATE OF THE ART Technology and Virtual Reality Showcase

Yours truly is also jumping on the bandwagon and is in the process of creating her first VR project for the band ALOUD out of Boston! It's been an interesting process immersing myself into this new medium, which everyone is still learning and figuring out. It is really exciting to learn with everyone else!

So I was very excited to find out that AFI FEST is not only going to showcase some VR projects and films, but has created a VR conference part of the fest!

The article from Indiewire explains it in more detail below. Hope to see you there! 

AFI FEST 2015 Unveils 'State of the Art' Technology and Virtual Reality Showcase

By Zack Sharf | Indiewire

The two-day event will bring immersive storytelling and virtual reality programs to AFI FEST 2015 presented by Audi.

The American Film Institute has announced the programming and panels for its State of the Art - Innovation, Storytelling and Technology showcase, which will take place November 7-8 at AFI FEST 2015. The event is dedicated to immersive storytelling and virtual reality (VR) and will include panel discussions with leading artists, interactive installations and VR stations accessible to festival attendees.

“The evolution of art is currently being driven by strides in technology, and visual storytelling is our world’s most dynamic example," said Jacqueline Lyanga, director of AFI FEST. "AFI FEST's State of the Art showcase will bring audiences and storytellers together to experience and understand some of today's most cutting edge work."

Check out all of the State of the Art events below.

Panel Discussions:

Immersive Storytelling Case Studies – Saturday, November 7

Led by the creative talent behind some of Google's latest Jump projects and Spotlight Stories, this is an in-depth conversation about the development and production of 360-degree and VR films. Panelists include Jessica Brillhart (Principal Filmmaker, Google Jump and Director of WORLD TOUR), Karen Dufilho-Rosen (Executive Producer, Google Spotlight Stories) and Todd Makurath (President and CEO, Bullitt and Executive Producer of HELP).

Filmmakers Virtual Reality & Immersive Storytelling Toolkit – Saturday, November 7

This is a creative and technical guide to immersive storytelling for independent filmmakers, with panelists including filmmaker Janicza Bravo (HARD WORLD FOR LITTLE THINGS), Daniel Burwen (Director of Experience, Jaunt VR), Shannon Gans (New Deal Studios) and director Matthew Gratzner (THE MISSION).

Capturing VR Picture & Sound – Sunday, November 8

A conversation about the cameras, microphone systems and rigs that filmmakers use to shoot and edit VR content will feature panelists Joe Chen (, Patrick Meegan (Jaunt VR), Scot Stafford (Creative Director, Sound & Music for Google Spotlight Stories) and Doug Riggs (Baron VR). The panel will be moderated by Glenn Kiser (Dolby Atmos).

The New Virtual Reality Studios – Sunday, November 8

A conversation with the VR studios developing cinematic projects and films with Hollywood and independent filmmakers will include panelists Tamsin Glasson ( and David Rosenbaum (Jaunt Studios).

"The Forbidden Room"

"The Forbidden Room"

Virtual Reality Films:

"Evolution of Verse" DIR Chris Milk. USA

A photorealistic, CG-rendered 3D Virtual Reality film takes the viewer on a journey from one beginning to another.

"The Mission" DIR Matthew Gratzner. USA

With immersive 360-degree shots, THE MISSION follows the adventure of a WWII Special Operations team that is dropped into a raging battle on the Eastern Front.

"Walking New York" DIRS Chris Milk and Zack Richter. USA and The New York Times come together to capture the birth of a new, large-scale street art installation in New York from renowned French artist JR.

"World Tour" DIR Jessica Brillhart. USA

A journey through the vast experiences of our world. 


Immersive Projects:

"Help" DIR Justin Lin. USA

The first live action project from Google Spotlight Stories, HELP uses immersive 360-degree technology to drop the viewer into downtown Los Angeles during an alien attack.

"The Forbidden Room -- A Living Poster" DIR Justin Lin. USA

 Initially designed to promote Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin's new film, THE FORBIDDEN ROOM, this looping collection of moving, morphing posters suggests an anachronistic collision between digitally corrupted video files and a damaged silent-era film print.DIR Justin Lin. This project can be found at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres from Nov. 7-12.


In this astonishing interactive narrative film by acclaimed directing duo, The Daniels, the tumultuous lives of two quarreling lovers unravel and participants choose how any given scene will play out from 16 parallel universes.